without return ticket‘Without return ticket’ is the second book I wrote after my backpacking trip to Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Is the collection of my travel diary, written in a small Internet Blog: www.todosemprendemos.com

Malaysia, Thailand and Oman were the countries visited for 8 long months, in which, how could it be otherwise, happened hundreds of things… from finding work in a paradise island, to spending few days on meditation in a Thai Buddhist temple,  suddenly finding myself beside the world ‘s tallest building in Dubai or being driving quads through the dunes of the Omani desert, to put a few examples.

These are some reviews of the readers:

A great book, 100% recommended for anyone who likes to travel and see amazing places by the hand of a young adventurer. I felt every word, has made me think and I have learned from him. Thank you for writing this great book. – Adrian Garcia


One of the most interesting books I have ever read. You get into it as if you were the protagonist of the story. An entertaining and inspiring read with which you feel like taking your backpack and there you go. – Marc Barroso


I liked it so much that I recommend it to everyone who asks me about books; showed me a lot of things. It should be mandatory for all these people that go through life without stopping to look inside. – Karol Simon

Now, if you want to read it, you can find it in ebook format through Amazon by clicking here. Please do not forget to leave there a comment if you like it!

Enjoy your reading 🙂